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Assessment criteria, main types, basic features and resource prospects of the tight oil in China

JIA Chengzao 1 ZOU Caineng 2 LI Jianzhong 2 LI Denghua 2 ZHENG Min 2   

  • Received:2012-02-23 Revised:2012-03-12 Online:2012-05-25 Published:2012-07-20


贾承造 1 邹才能 2 李建忠 2 李登华 2 郑 民 2   

  1. 1中国石油天然气集团公司 北京 100724; 2中国石油勘探开发研究院 北京 100083
  • 通讯作者: 贾承造
  • 作者简介:贾承造,男,1948年3月生,1988年获南京大学博士学位,中国科学院院士,中国石油天然气股份有限公司原副总裁,主要从事构造地质学、石油地质综合研究和油气勘探管理工作。
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The tight oil refers to an oil that accumulates in source rocks in a free or adsorbed state or in tight sandstones and carbonates interbedded with or adjacent to source rocks. Generally, this oil accumulation has not yet experienced a large-scale, long-distance migration. Based on the clarity of the tight oil concept and connotation, we proposed ten key indices to evaluate the tight oil. Tight oil reservoirs can be generally divided into 3 different types based on porosity and permeability, while the tight oil itself can be also classified into 3 types depending on the genetic relationship of a close contact between tight reservoirs and source rocks, i.e. ①tight oil in lacustrine carbonate rocks; ②tight oil in deep-lake gravity flow sandstones and ③tight oil in deep-lake delta sandstones. The tight oil is widely distributed in China, currently, a number of important exploration discoveries of the tight oil have been achieved in the Triassic Chang-6 and Chang-7 sections of Yanchang Formation in the Ordos Basin, the Permian Lucaogou Formation in the Junggar Basin, the Middle-Lower Jurassic of the Sichuan Basin and the Cretaceous Qingshankou-Quantou Formation of the Songliao Basin. To expect the tight oil prospect in China, we preliminary forecast that the tight oil geological resources in China are about (106.7~111.5 ) ×108 t. Combined with the analysis of future prospects of petroleum development, we can come to a conclusion that the tight oil in China should be a realistic replacement resource of the conventional oil.

Key words: assessment criterion, tight oil, type of tight oil, tight oil reservoir, resource prospect


致密油是指以吸附或游离状态赋存于生油岩中,或与生油岩互层、紧邻的致密砂岩、致密碳酸盐岩等储集岩中,未经过大规模长距离运移的石油聚集。在明确了致密油的概念和内涵基础上,提出了10项评价致密油的关键指标。据孔隙度与渗透率划分出3类致密油储层。根据致密油层与生油岩层紧密接触的成因关系,确定了3种致密油类型:① 湖相碳酸盐岩致密油;② 深湖水下三角洲砂岩致密油;③ 深湖重力流砂岩致密油。中国致密油分布广泛,目前在鄂尔多斯盆地三叠系延长组长6—长7段、准噶尔盆地二叠系芦草沟组、四川盆地中-下侏罗统、松辽盆地白垩系青山口组—泉头组等获得了一些重要的勘探发现。分析未来致密油发展前景,运用资源丰度类比法初步预测中国致密油地质资源总量(106.7~111.5)×108 t,是中国未来较为现实的石油接替资源。

关键词: 致密油, 评价标准, 致密油类型, 致密油储层, 资源潜力